I must point out that not all rods can be returned to the riverbank, just like Glass and Carbon rods bamboo does deteriorate with age and some blanks are simply too tired to risk putting into a fish.

If after inspecting the rod I feel that it is not going to be possible to restore your rod satisfactorily then I will inform you and return it to you free of charge. However, if your beloved rod is due for retirement I can always build a replica for you with the same taper on fresh bamboo. I have restored and repaired a variety of rods from old Hardy, Orvis and Sharpe’s to unusual one off builds from retired makers.



Restoration & Repair

Perhaps you already own a vintage split-cane fly rod and the old friend is growing tired, wants a re-varnish or complete re-build. I fish with several vintage rods and still get an enormous amount of pleasure from taking fish on rods 70 and 80 years old.

I offer restoration services and will be happy to give a quote for any work your rod might require. There is no fixed price because every rod is different and requirements vary. I can even replace broken rod sections if the worst should have happened meaning you dont have to go without.