The Wallace Fly Reel

The Wallace Fly Reel


The design of this range of fly reels is based on the Aerial reels produced by J.W. Young and Allcocks and has been developed to produce two middleweight, large arbour fly reels.

- Spool and cage crafted from high-grade solid aluminium billets
- Stainless steel spindle
- 12-spoke large-arbour spool
- Rosewood handles
- Nickel silver and brass fittings
- Available in bronze, titanium or silver
- Will fit modern and vintage fly rods

Every spool and cage is given a high-micron anodised finish for greater resistance to freshwater and saltwater damage, and each reel may be individually engraved at the workshop to customer requirements.

Line capacity for the Wallace Fly Reel is AFTM 5 in silk, and AFTM 4 Floating in PVC. I used a cortland 444 floating line to test the spools with a short length of backing. 

All of my fly reels are hand built in England by the former assembly manager for JW Young. 

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