These rod draw from powerful roots, based around designs from the first decade of the 1900s, they are both traditional and exceptional. The two piece design is the very best compromise in terms of making the rod transportable and keeping the blank as pure as possible.

They're very forgiving and extremely powerful, along with a fast enough action to set hooks on fast moving wild trout, yet with enough spring to take the punishment of big fish. The biggest I have taken on the 7ft Dart is a 5lb 8oz brown trout, which the rod handled with perfect balance and control.

The Dart - 7 ft

This is the ultimate small stream rod, perfect for placing accurate casts in tight spaces and yet capable of controlling very long lines. Delicacy and power in the same rod. I use my 7ft Dart for almost all my fishing and never feel outclassed by a situation.

- 2 Piece, built for AFTM 5 line
- 2 mirror matched tops
- (AFTM 4 option also available)

The Dart - 8 ft

This rod will deliver on the bigger rivers and lakes, accurate and extremely powerful. Capable of handling long lines, powerful fish and bigger flies making it excellent with sea trout as well as little 8oz brownies. Just like it’s little brother, this rod combines the perfect balance of power and refinement.

- 2 Piece, built for AFTM 6 line
- 2 mirror matched tops


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