This is a bamboo heavyweight, at 12 ft 6 inches it is about as long as a usable split cane rod gets. Designed to cast a short belly 9/10 spey line it will handle brass tube flies up to about 2” and copes well with sunk tip lines. On rivers like the Devonshire Taw this rod will keep up with conditions and big fish with great confidence, and at this length manages overhead, Spey and Snap T casting styles with ease.

The greatest advantage of split cane is the action, which is progressive from the tip to the butt, which gives you far more shock absorption reducing the chance of pulling hooks free and a far more connected feel between you and the fish. 

Developed from the 1930’s Hardy Wye, this little salmon rod is excellent fun on mid sized Salmon rivers. Well balanced and proportioned, this rod is comfortable to use for long periods and a gentle late summers day on the river will be a joy.

The Taw - 12 ft 6 inches

- 3 Piece
- AFTM 9/10  
- 2 mirror matched tops


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